In response to the earthquake that has devastated the capital city of Haiti and the country as a whole, I am “selling” blank note cards featuring some of my travel photos. ALL OF THE PROCEEDS will be donated to Compassion International’s Disaster Relief work in Haiti. I have been a sponsor with Compassion for over ten years and a volunteer advocate with them for the past five years. They are an organization solely committed to seeing that vulnerable children are protected and provided for and surrounded with hope. (You can get the latest information on Compassion’s work in Haiti and the affected projects here)

Cards will be sold in sets of 5 for a suggested donation of $20. At this time there are two different sets of cards to choose from. Check out the link to the the two different sets to get a preview of the photos available.

If you are interested in getting a set of cards please send me an email at rmnewell2977@gmail.com to make arrangements.

Of course if you are not interested in the cards I hope you will still consider donating to the need in Haiti through Compassion, World Vision, or the Red Cross.

Thanks so much,

UPDATE: as of April 24, 2010 $1,075 has been donated to Compassion’s work in Haiti through the note card project! Thanks to everyone who has been so generous!